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Gear Machines

Gear machines We have gear hobbing machines, gear shaper machines and gear grinding machines.

Gear hobbing machine is one of the most widely used machine tools in gear processing, which can cut straight teeth, helical teeth cylindrical gear, worm gear, sprocket and so on. A gear machining machine for producing straight, helical and double-helical cylindrical gears and worm gears with hob by developing method. This machine can also process splines and sprockets and other special tooth shapes when using a special hob.

Gear shaper, is a metal cutting machine tool, is the use of gear shaper cutter according to the development method to process the internal and external straight and helical cylindrical gear and other tooth shape parts of the gear processing machine.

Gear grinding machine uses the grinding wheel as a grinding tool to process cylindrical gears or some gears (helical gears, bevel gears, etc.). It is mainly used to eliminate deformation after heat treatment and improve gear accuracy.

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