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Service Advantages


More than 15 years of machinery production experie nce and 10 years of overseas sales experience.

Provide Support

Provide technical information and technical training support regularly.



Machine Tool Selection

Recommend equipment according to user's processing requirements, and reasonably plan product structure to avoid redundancy of configuration functions.

Quality Guarantee

Incoming material control, process monitoring control, outgoing test control.

After-sales Managemant

Having a complete after-sales management system
After Sales Service Process
Customer/Salesperson Reporting For Repair
Device Diagnostics
Online service: telephone or WeChat video to assist customers in solving problems.
On site service: Arrange after-sales engineers for on-site maintenance.
Contact Customers
Parts Damaged
Replacement required: Beyond the underwriting time or scope, new components need to be purchased by the customer and installed with the cooperation of engineers
No damage to spare parts, customer operation error caused malfunction, engineers provide guidance.
Customers Fill Out After-sales Service Forms
Customers fill out after-sales service forms.
Your satisfaction has always been our pursuit.

Technical Service


We have our own R & D center, independently complete product design and development, fully has independent core technology.

Prduction Equipment

We introduce German Horizontal Boring Machine, Gantry Milling Machine, Large Gear Hobbing Machine, Taiwan High Precision CNC Lathe ect...

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