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  • KLY Screw Steam compressor

    KLY Screw Steam compressor

    In the production process of the enterprise under current working conditions, a large number of low grade steam is produced. They are characterized by low temperature, low pressure and high humidity, and although they contain large latent heat energy of vaporization, they cannot be fully utilized. Most of the use of drainage or condensation into water to recover, in the waste of a lot of energy at the same time by have to through the boiler, condensate water re-vaporization temperature rise pressure to meet the production of steam needs or to sell steam to thermal power plants. If the screw steam compressor is used to compress the lack-quality steam to meet the production steam standard, the steam recycling can not only purify the environment, but also achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction, but also bring huge economic benefits to the enterprise.

    The steam compression process makes an isentropic adiabatic compression enthalpy once process, through the motor input power to the compressor, the compressor is low grade steam to improve the pressure temperature and dryness to reach the standard we need.

  • KLD Series Double cycle screw motor generator set

    KLD Series Double cycle screw motor generator set

    Using the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) principle, the double cycle screw power generator set takes the organic working medium with low boiling point as the power generating medium. After heat exchange and gasification between the evaporator and low grade heat source (low pressure steam or hot water, etc.), it enters the screw power generator to expand and output power. After work, the working medium with low boiling point is condensed into liquid by the condenser and then returned to the evaporator through the working medium pump to boost the pressure and complete the cycle for heat transfer again.

    This series of units can use the lowest heat source of 70for gridless power generation, has the incomparable advantages of similar products in the country, compared with the united Technologies Corporation (UTC) developed low temperature generator set of 80minimum power generation temperature, has a wider use space.

    The whole system is mainly composed of evaporator, screw motor, generator, condenser, working medium pump and electrical control system.

  • KLD Series Screw Motor Generator Set

    KLD Series Screw Motor Generator Set

    The screw motor set is a new type of power machine developed on the basis of screw compressor. It has all the advantages of screw compressor, simple structure, stable operation, easy maintenance, durable; It is the only power machine that can adapt to steam and water two-phase full flow medium. It is the ideal technical equipment for energy saving, consumption reduction, emission reduction, efficiency improvement and environment purification in current industrial enterprises. It has filled the gap in this field in China and reached the international leading level. It is suitable for various industries boiler, waste heat boiler energy recovery and differential pressure power generation applications; Can drive generator for power generation, combined heat and power supply or heat, electricity, cold, water energy combined generation utilization, can also directly drive fan, water pump, compressor, mixer and other applications. It has the characteristics of short investment payback period and quick effect.

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