What’s the Flange Facing Tool Machine?

1.A brief introduction to the French processing machine

Portable flange processing machine is mainly used for turning flange plane. The installation and fixing way can be used in the form of card or wild card, the flange processing machine designed by our company independently, stable performance, advanced structure, widely used in various industries.
It is mainly used for pipe groove processing, flange inner hole, outer circle, end face and convex groove (RF, RTJ, M, F, RF and other forms of sealing processing, and can process compressor, heat exchanger, hydrogenation reactor and other large pressure vessels with flange, manhole, head.
Flange processing machine details
2.Range of application

Processing and repair of pipe end flange surface, pressure vessel connecting flange surface, flange plane, large gear and equipment installation fixed surface, flange inner and outer round chamfering. Irregular structure of the plane processing and repair,
Such as square flange, polygonal workpiece bolt joint surface processing.
The flange surface processing and repair, widely used in ocean engineering, petroleum, chemical, water conservancy, electric power, steel, paper, machinery and other industries.


3.The characteristics of description

◆ The whole machine parts adopt modular design, which can realize fast loading and unloading on site and greatly save time
Flange processing machine installation mode: inner card and outer card, installation form diversification.
◆ Horizontal, vertical and inverted installation, good stability, suitable for all kinds of complex working conditions.
Radial automatic feed, axial manual fine-tuning device.
◆ Multi-speed changing device is the most suitable feed speed for the whole cutting output, ensuring the efficiency and precision of rough and finish machining.
◆ High machining precision, machining surface flatness up to 0.05mm, surface roughness of Ra3.2
◆ With fast retracting function, easy to operate.
◆ Power system can choose hydraulic system and servo motor as power source, strong cutting power, high stability of the whole machine
◆ Equipped with remote circuit control system, easy to operate, high safety factor


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