Mechanical Seal Support System

  • CR Series Sealing Auxiliary System

    CR Series Sealing Auxiliary System

    CR series mechanical seal auxiliary system (liquid storage tank system) is suitable for series seal and double end seal. It conforms to the system configuration requirements of API682 scheme 52 (no pressure) or 53A(pressure). The main components are composed of liquid storage tank, measuring unit detection and control parts, pipeline and control valve, etc.

    This series of sealing assist systems provides a convenient visual observation window; Liquid level alarm switch interface and pressure alarm switch interface.

    The CR series is a liquid storage tank system that meets API682 requirements and can be used with or without pressure. When the machine sealing shaft diameter 60mm, can choose CR5012 series; When the machine seal shaft diameter > 60mm, can choose CR5020 series; See FIG. 1 and FIG. 2 for the diagram of the storage tank and its interface.

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