C86 Spring External Mechanical Seal

Short Description:

C86 series seals are in accordance with DIN24960/LIK and GB6556/LIK dimensions.  Suitable for any DIN24960 and GB6556 standard centrifugal pump and similar mechanical rotary shaft seal.
The C86 inner sleeve provides physical protection for the seal ring while providing a smooth moving surface for the O-ring.  The specially designed seal face can maintain flat contact under high pressure.
The C86 series is a high performance seal that can meet the different requirements of different industries and is suitable for normal operating conditions.  Such as oil, hot and cold water, chemical raw materials, edible oil, beverages, etc., can also be used for containing a certain solid particles or high viscosity media, such as pulp, paper, sewage, wastewater industry and power plant oil pump, water pump, etc., no adhesion and blocking structure to make the seal solid and reliable.

Product Detail

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Standardized design: in line with DIN24960 and GB6556 standards
Multi-spring: Multi-spring guarantees a more uniform load on the end face and good dynamic performance of the end face.
Overall face: maximum load face in accordance with DIN24960 and GB6556
Setting screw positioning: simple installation, convenient adjustment
Compound transmission: less friction damping, uniform power transmission

Limit performance parameter
Temperature: - 30 ℃ to 204 ℃
Pressure: 0MPA-2mpa (can withstand back pressure to 0.5mpa)
Speed: up to 25m/s(5000rpm)
Effective size: 18mm-100mm

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Selected Material List
The C86 series seals allow different materials to be used to meet different environmental requirements. In order to ensure that the structure can work reliably, the selection of materials for C86 series has been specified, as shown in the following table

Item Material C86
End Face Impregnated metallic graphite
Impregnated resin graphite
tungsten carbide
silicon carbide
Spring chrome-nickel steel
chromium nickel molybdenum steel
Secondary sealing element Nitrile
Other chrome-nickel steel
chromium nickel molybdenum steel

Installation Drawing:
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