C50 Series Rotary low temperature bellows mechanical seal

Short Description:

C50 series seals to DIN24960/LIK and GB6556/LIK dimensions. Suitable for any DIN24960 and GB6556 standard centrifugal pump and similar mechanical rotary shaft seal.
The excellent dynamic performance and extensive environmental use of the C50 series seal are all derived from advanced welded metal bellows. The arch ripple with inclination of more than 45° on the inner edge greatly reduces the stress peak and decomsolves the welding stress of the inner hole, so that the stress distribution is more ideal and the elasticity is better. To ensure that the bellows seal has a good following.
C50 series can be matched according to different use requirements, according to the sealing allowable materials, can be adapted to different environment needs.
The C50 series seal is a typical bellows seal with simple structure and easy installation. Can meet the petrification. Oil refining, chemical, chemical fiber, food, medicine, thermoelectric and other different industries of different requirements, used for sealing and cleaning or particles of medium and low viscosity media. It is the best choice to solve toxic, corrosive and other problems.

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LStandard design: in line with DIN24960 and GB6556 standards
L Bellows seal: good dynamic performance, strong environmental use ability
L "O" seal ring: as a static seal only, simple and reliable
L Set screw positioning: simple installation, convenient adjustment
Corrosion resistant design: with special corrosion resistant Seal

Limit performance parameter  
Temperature: 40 ℃ -- 220 ℃
Pressure: -0.1mpa (vacuum) -2mpa
Speed: up to 25m/s(5000rpm)
Effective size: 25mm-100mm


Select Material List
The C50 series seals allow different materials to be used to meet different environmental requirements.  In order to ensure that the structure can work reliably, the selection of materials for C50 series has been specified as shown in the following table

Item Material C50
End Face Impregnated metallic graphite
Impregnated resin graphite
Tungsten carbide
Silicon carbide
Bollows Chromium nickel molybdenum steel
Chromated nickel  Iron molybdenum steel
Precipitation-hardening steels
Auxiliary seal Nitrile
Ethylene propylene
PTFE  coated rubber
Other Chromium steel
Chromium-Nickel Steel
Nickel chrome molybdenum steel
High Nickel Steel

1. ●For limited selection
2.○ To allow use, it is determined according to the selection requirements
3. Other parts represent the sealing ring holder material, corrugated pipe holder material does not indicate, but the adaptability of other metal materials to the environment should not be lower than the sealing ring holder
4. The flat gasket material is flexible graphite
5. We can provide the materials not provided in the table to meet more special requirements. If necessary, please contact your company

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