Air Compressor

  • ED10F/HF Refrigerated Air Dryer

    ED10F/HF Refrigerated Air Dryer

    • Low dew point: under standard working conditions, the pressure dew point can reach below 5℃, the outlet air atmospheric pressure dew point can reach below -20℃.
    • Efficient pre-cooling regenerator: high quality and efficient threaded copper pipe or light pipe, high heat transfer coefficient, the use of countercurrent heat return heat exchange mode, more energy saving and stable than the ordinary downstream mode.
  • ZLS75Hi+ Permanent Magnet Screw Compressor

    ZLS75Hi+ Permanent Magnet Screw Compressor

    ◇ It using IE4 ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor, the efficiency is improved by 5 ~ 10%.

    ◇Coaxial integrated transmission, no transmission loss, low vibration noise.

    ◇ Fully sealed motor liquid cooling system, IP65 protection grade, never demagnetise.

    ◇Low-speed rotor and big air-end, a massive displacement is more energy-saving and quieter.

    ◇ Dual frequency conversion control system, constant pressure exhaust, no no-load, stable cooling system.

  • XS10 Series Variable Speed Screw Compressors

    XS10 Series Variable Speed Screw Compressors


    XS advantages and characteristics

    New generation appearance design, new structure, stable quality

    Coaxial transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, zero transmission efficiency loss

    IE4 permanent magnet frequency conversion motor is used to change the speed freely according to customer demand

    Fully sealed liquid cooled motor housing, IP65 protection factor

  • ZLS50A Asynchronous Coaxial Direct Air Compressor

    ZLS50A Asynchronous Coaxial Direct Air Compressor

    • New generation structure: bearingless suspension vertical structure, jaguar unique design, integrated motor integrated structure, reduce transmission parts, screw machine greatly reduced volume, while improving the efficiency of screw machine.
    • Higher efficiency: motor integration structure, motor and screw head direct transmission, transmission loss close to zero, screw machine overall efficiency improved a lot
    • More quiet: reduce the transmission parts of the shaft flange, the noise of mechanical transmission is greatly reduced, compared with the traditional screw air compressor, reduce a lot of noise
  • ZLS60 Direct Drive Screw Air Compressor

    ZLS60 Direct Drive Screw Air Compressor

    ◇The jaguar third generation makes the air-end of screw profile. According to the idea of a big rotor, large bearing, and low speed, all the models have designed one by one. High reliability, and low speed, reduce the failure rate, guarantee the long service life of the air-end.

    ◇Advantages of low speed and low noise, and reduces the stimulation to the eardrum, and effectively protects the human body.

    ◇The intake valve and the oil pipe ae designed according to the latest research results. The internal pressure ratio is reasonable, and the oil and gas heat exchange is sufficient.

    ◇The direct-drive transmission has high transmission efficiency, reliable imported coupling easy installation, long-lasting life.

  • EAS10 Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor

    EAS10 Belt Drive Screw Air Compressor

    EAS series can selectively match with portable air tank, which meets the requirements of possible mobile operations and can go wherever you want.

    Belt: German imported belt has transmission efficiency higher, and longer service life.

    Air/Oil Filter: Imported materials, effectively protect the air compressor, significantly prolong the life of air compressor.

    Electrical Control: Internationally renowned components are reliable, safe, and easy to operate.

     It is widely used in equipment manufacturing, automobile, electric power, medical treatment, textile, photovoltaic, semiconductor and other fields.

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